Short Poems

Short Poems

The Climber

The way is rough, and dark, and steep,
Demanding courage, strength, and time;
Though mists surround and shadows creep,
Teach me to climb.
Though struggle tests my heart and soul,
And not much blue of sky is seen,
When perils loom and take their toll,
Teach me to lean.
When I have left the vale below,
And struggled on and done my best,
Then, panting in the sunset glow,
Teach me to rest.
O God of the precarious way,
Of heights and steeps of Thy design,
What joy to realize each day
Thy staff is mine.

~Viola Jacobson Berg

God Knew

Do you ever suppose that He
Was thinking of the nails they’d form
To nail Him on a tree;
And when God made the trees so tall
Was he seeing far ahead
The cross to be made for lumber
Where His Son’s own blood was shed;
And when God made man’s muscle
And gave him brain and will
Did God believe these creature men
Would use that power to kill?
Oh, yes, God knew of all of this
And yet because of love
For sinful men He came to earth
And left His home above
He took on Him the form of man
And then men’s sins He took
And then redeemed by faith in Him
Our names within the Book.



Kindness isn’t sacrifice or giving alms, my lad.
It’s simply sharing happiness with someone who is sad.
Kindness is a soothing light that seeks out darkened hearts
And makes them flame with new-found hope, new joy and then departs.
Kindness is a merry song turned loose upon the air,
A musical guardian of our joy, a foreman of despair.
Kindness is unselfish thought..unselfish, friendly deed
Inspired by the wish to aid some brother who’s in need.
Kindness is forgetfulness of our own worldly aims,
Forgetfulness of all but this…our needy neighbors’ claims.
Kindness is a loving guide that shows us how to live,
A treasure which, the more we spend..the more we have to give!

Ode To Our Savior

I wasn’t there when Jesus died on Calvary
I wasn’t there when Jesus gave his life for me
I wasn’t there when they pierced Jesus holy heart
But I was there when Jesus saved me,
broke me all apart,
Filled me with the spirit and put the good word in my heart

I wasn’t there when david slew the giant
I wasn’t there when the walls came tumbbling down
I wasn’t there when the tower of babble fell
But I was there when Jesus picked the pieces up,
put them where he may,
and now I’m whole and glorified for that glorious judgement day.

by: Joseph A Catlow