Prayer List

PRAYER CHAIN:  Please call Norma Poole to get the prayer chain started. 636-586-9669

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please note: In order to keep prayer requests current at the beginning of each month in our bulletin, the previous month’s requests will no be carried forward.  Please place new & resubmitted prayer requests to be printed in the bulletin in the folder outside the secretary’s office. Thank You!

Cancer: Jennifer Baldwin, Amanda Anderson, Bill Henry, JoAnn Hurt, Jennifer Akers, Larry Sipp, Coleman Schwent,  Sharon Uding, Betty Swallow, Melissa Pullen, Bobby Murray, Charles Yount, Pat Baldwin, Julie Shield, Norma Poole, Kyle Ayres, Charles Smith, Melissa Mangold, Barbara Crawford, Karen Hahn, Nancy Hart, Dan Cuddy, David Keckley, Josh Ferry, Mary Keckley, Sandra Blum, Julie Leith

Lord Knows the Need: Our Church and the financial needs of the church, Food Pantry Ministry, Brother Rich & Julia, Deacons, Youth, Barbara Milborn, Connie Schwent, Di Henbest,  Jennings Henbest, America, Mamie Dorlac and family, Melvin Brook, Patricia Parsons, Norma Poole, Hilda Harling, Bud and Bette How, Mary Yount, Richard Tyarks, Brenda Carter, Tim Goodman, Doris Carlin, Jeffery Ferry, Brandon Slatton, Bessie Rhiner, Judy Leonard, Gene Swallow, Sarah Hewitt, Ronnie Shaw, Carolyn Osborne, Dale and Laura Capehart, John Keen, Daniel Schwartz, John Davis, Roger and Sharon Uding, Susan Roux, The Wilcutt Family, Mike and JoAnn Allen, Ken and Kathy Bieser and family, Paul Lacey

Commander & Chief of All Armed Forces: President Donald Trump

United States Army:  Michael Orton, Richard Pingelton, Corey Fenton, John Brown, Raymond Cowden, Tiffany Cartwright, Chris Roberts, Michael Lebel, Austin Fudge, Tyler Reed, Caleb J. Eddleman.

United States Navy: Lt. Johnnie Caldwell, Raymond Sousan, Joey Sousan, Steven Vaughn 3rd Class, Tyler Deaton.

United States Marine Corp:  Naomi Marie Felio.

United States Air Force:  Sgt. Andrew Huston, Cody Waymire, Daniel Langholz, Dillon Bierberly


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